Pop Fizz Clink! Kate Spade ‘Place Your Bets’ Wine Bag

The holiday season is just around the corner! Before you know it, everyone will be preparing for family gatherings and company parties. Let’s face it though, hosting an event can be quite stressful. So if you are a guest, consider doing something nice for your host or hostess. Gifts that help with the festivities are always appreciated. A lot of people like to bring a bottle of wine, myself included. It may be a simple gesture, but nothing seems to

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Zhuu Pouches: Bohemian, Urban Minimalist Aesthetic

A new mystery designer has hit the virtual shelves at Shopbop. I say “mystery” because Shopbop does not provide any information on this designer. If I didn’t find all of this intriguing before, I certainly do now! Nothing sparks my curiosity more than a good mystery. So who is this mystery designer? The brand is simply called Zhuu. And, as it turns out, they are much better known for their t-shirts. Yep, I Googled them. According to their website, the

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