2016 Fashion Bag For a Good Look


Elegant stately woman, choose bags have to choose the same temperament models. Nude color, blue, beige and other pastel colors, the ability to bring women’s soft elegance, are a good choice.

1.Going Clear

We saw the clear looks in shoes and hats and we certainly see the transparent plastic appearing in the spring/ summer 2016 handbag trends section. Loewe loves the top handle with shoulder strap, but we fear that this is a trampling of privacy really as the world can see your wallet, your phone, your personal hygiene pieces, cosmetics, papers and all. Christopher Kane, on the other hand, brings in a slightly more translucent look with a smaller bag with snakeskin detailing on the straps. Even Tory Burch has an interesting clear looking handbag that is a bit on the large side and looks to be almost like a tent.
2.Top Handles and Shoulder Straps Combined

Sometimes a single handle is not enough and shoulder straps must be added to make a handbag as versatile as possible. In the case of transparent bags with similar additions, Loewe certainly comes in first with a piece that allows the world to see exactly what you keep inside. Fendi combined oversized messenger bags with statement handles and snakeskin in flowers looks, while Marques’ Almeida makes multiple bags in saddle format look really good. Chloe uses shoulder straps in combination with metallic handles for the tiny bags that can carry only the most necessary belongings.
3.Statement Bag Handles

While most of the bag handles are your typical styles, some in chains and others just plain looking, we also have the gorgeous pieces where creativity hit the part you hold up as well. These we can more or less expect to be dominating the street styles come February but for now we can sit back and enjoy the shows where they appear on. Bold embellishments, customized straps and intriguing handles all account for a lovely new trend, as we see snakeskin combine with flower appliques at Fendi, chain and leather twist together in a futuristic fashion on the Miu Miu show, and ribbons fly all around with Christopher Kane.