Botkier Clyde Bag

Botkier Hand BagBotkier Hand BagI feel like we have been lazy around here- but it is not laziness- rather Vlad and I both are seriously swamped with traveling etc (ah yes and fine-dining and shopping- what can I say? 😉 ) Vlad did an awesome job at making my birthday special- and so did all my friends and family. Being pampered should really be everyday of the week if you ask me. Today I realized that I have looked at and thought about Botkier bags but have actually never mentioned them. Sometimes there are just so many bags to write about and not enough time to do them all. Botkier bags have made a huge appearance into today’s fashion world and have been loved by many of us out there. I really just love the Black Botkier Clyde Bag which is made of soft Italian cowhide and polished hardware. One of the main aspects that defines this bag are the long, diagonal zippered front pockets with tassel pulls and the horizontal back zippered pocket. There are also beautifully cinched side pouch pockets which also have tassel pulls. The new thing to do is have a removable leather shoulder strap along with the tote handles which makes all of us happy on any given-day. The inside of the bag also contains quite a few goodies having both interior patch and zippered pockets along with and interior key hook. These bags make a bold statement with their simple but defining look. The price of this black beauty is $625 on eLuxury.