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Carpisa presents the new collection spring summer 2015 , complying with all the trends of the season and maintaining unbeatable prices.

Among the choices of Carpisa bags 2015 in hand with the prices that are discovered to be accessible what are the new details that we find in the new catalog Carpisa handbags spring summer 2015?

At first large models the Hobo and shopping bags to suit every day urban respecting the study days to bring the books to at or you need to bring along everything in the bag Carpisa huge.

We see the best models in the collection and see what would be the best choice and at what price we are going to cost these models.

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Carpisa is back to amaze with bags of new spring / summer 2014. As always , the brand takes inspiration from luxury brands in the field of bags and is characterized by the wide range of proposals , as well as the prices. Pastel colors , trunks, shopping bags, studs and fringe , are just some of the ideas Carpisa for next season . Browse our gallery and discover 40 of the most interesting models .

The bags Carpisa the spring / summer 2014 show as a whirlwind of fashion trends and ideas all to copy. The brand, the upcoming warm season , it is really indulged and offers many different models identified as always quite reasonable prices and a wide color palette available.

Predominate , as can be seen also in the creations of many luxury brands , such as the mood of the new Furla , pastel colors and delicate shades : green light then a powder pink , dove gray , and white avion . There are also bold colors such as fuchsia , red and bold prints, and some evergreens such as black and buff .
As always, the most common material used is faux leather , backed by nylon and patent leather , which are supplemented by a segment of real leather. The models are varied and numerous, all the rage handbags with shoulder strap , bags and trunks, but there is also room for backpacks , bucket bags and folders. Carpisa bags
The line of bags Carpisa also reports some models in vogue “historic” as the trapezium handbag and tote. Do not miss the decorations : almost all the creations are enhanced by applications including logos stand out in gold chains and gold fringe, hippie style , and the studs are also very present for other brands , such as in the new collection Coccinelle . The glam rock mood remains one of the main sources of inspiration in the field of bags , despite the rapid alternation of the seasons. One of the leading models of the new collection is the top box, available in many shades , wearable accessory with a precious heart-shaped charm can also be worn on the wrist as a bracelet .
Browse the gallery and choose which model you prefer Carpisa among the 40 that we offer a preview .CARPISA BAGS SPRING SUMMER 2015


Changing bag periodically needs to be a commitment . Usually you do every change of look , but if you have time, you do not have resources or just feel like , try to do at least at each change of season. So here we are talking about Carpisa new collection for autumn- winter 2013-2014 . As always this brand goes to meet the needs of a segment of the population to look very carefully and trends, but who also need to save .

The Louis Vuitton bags , which we have lately spoken, are wonderful, but they are also very expensive. Obviously they are a luxury accessory , for an audience that has no problem spending 500 to 4 thousand euro to give that touch of chic to your look . Not everyone has these possibilities, but do not give up , because there are alternatives.

The new collection Carpisa is particularly pleasant taste and etiquette . Lots of elegant patterns , embellished with neutral tones and romantic and also very varied in maybe. Definitely for the younger girls , there is a whole series of small or large bag with studs. Allow us to study a rock or enough clothes to follow the trend camouflage , which will be one of the leitmotif of the season.

This year’s collection is designed in three different styles : in addition to the rock -glam , there are the day time , which is mainly collects bags to carry the day, and the animal , which is played on natural hues to contrast. And the materials ? A large number of faux leather, fabric , as well as garnet , suede and smooth leather .

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