The Ultimate Guide to Buying Chanel Bags Online Review

There are not many fashion brands that will not let you buy their bags online at this point–even Hermès has answered the siren song of internet retail–but Chanel remains one of the only holdouts. Although the French purse powerhouse has taken to releasing increasingly long and fancy handbag lookbooks every season, you still have to march into one of the organization’s comparatively infrequent boutiques in order to get a brand new bag. If”new” is not the important part of that sentence for you, though, we may have the ability to help.
Over the last couple of years, the market for internet sales of pre-owned designer merchandise (and particularly things that don’t have to be sized based on the buyer’s body, like totes ) has exploded, and it has comes new ways of getting your hands on bags otherwise only accessible at brick-and-mortar shops. Based on whether you are most interested in price, selection or the ease of the overall experience, there is probably at least one site or service that can get you exactly what you would like. Check out our breakdown of the biggest Chanel bag selections online, below.
If you’re new to the pre-owned purchasing experience overall, we have also got a comprehensive guide to make sure you get a smooth experience and understand all of the intricacies, in addition to a first-person retelling of our former editor Katherine’s first encounter buying a pre-owned tote online. Read up and go forth with confidence toward your new Chanel tote!
Shop Chanel Bags via eBay

Chanel bag

EBay is the net’s single biggest source of pre-owned designer purses, interval, and it’s currently home to tens of thousands of listings for Chanel bags. If price is the biggest concern, eBay is probably your very best bet to get the lowest prices because the auction agency takes a considerably smaller slice of the general sale price than consignment or other resale sites do, which, along with the decentralized list procedure, can help keep things fair.
The downside of eBay designer handbag purchasing is the bags aren’t checked by a third party for authenticity before they are recorded, therefore it’s even more important to be an informed customer than it’s on other types of resale sites. There are a great deal of real bags on eBay, however, and so long as you teach yourself, you can scoop one up for a great price. If you are cautious of a listing that appears too good to be true or you’ve got your eye on something and want some extra assurance, you can post an authentication request in our Chanel subforum in the PurseForum.
Shop Chanel Bags through Shopbop
Shopbop deals almost exclusively in brand new, contemporary clothing,Women’s Bags and apparel, but through classic powerhouse What Goes Around Comes Around, in addition, it lists a collection of previously owned luggage from a small number of super-popular brands, also Chanel is principal among these. The remaining Shopbop is WGACA authenticates its stock and tends to carefully edit its selection to focus on bags that will translate nicely to current dividers, which means you have the cream of the crop. Additionally, you can return your bag in case you don’t enjoy that, exactly like anything else about the website. The drawback is that you pay a premium for this assurance and convenience, so the most dedicated deal seekers might prefer other paths.