I will never wear leather leggings

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I will never wear leather leggings
Desist now! I will never, ever wear leather leggings

Silly. The last thing I would recommend now would be a skin-tight, trend-driven buy. It might be high shopping season but this is the most challenge moment for dropping your Christmas gift vouchers or any residual cash.grt e

But all those lovely clothes I wanted before Christmas are in discount prices!

You mean last season’s stuff? Which will soon look tired come spring? You know the mantra: when your mind is fugged by sale signs, buy only classics.

Hmm, I’m not really into black shifts and cashmere sweaters

I appreciate the dilemma. But if there’s one area where even the most fashion-forward can stand a bit of classicism, it’s accessories. When the post-Christmas shopping bug bites, invest in one thing, regardless of whether it’s on sale, that will give your wardrobe a boost week in, week out.

So by leather you mean handbags and shoes?

Exactly. First, they fit, regardless of your winter weight. Second, the trend dynamics of accessories aren’t too frenetic. I love this Hamilton tote from Michael by Michael Kors.